Din dhal jaye – Guide(1965)

From the film Guide, with lyrics penned by Shailendra, this balmy gem of a song is truly one of the masterpieces woven by the adakari of Mohd. Rafi and the brilliant composition by S D Burman. Presented in all its glory here, with the picturization on Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman.


Din Dhal Jaaye Hai Raat Na Jaaye
Tu To Na Aaye Teri Yaad Sataaye

Pyaar Mein Jinke Sab Jag Chhoda
Aur Huye Badnaam
Unke Hi Haathon Haal Hua Yeh
Baithe Hai Dil Ko Tham
Apne Kabhi The Ab Hain Paraaye

Aisi Hi Rimjhim Aisi Phuhaarein
Aisi Hi Thi Barsaat
Khud Se Judaa Aur Jag Se Paraaye
Hum Dono The Saath
Phir Se Woh Saawan Ab Kyon Na Aaye


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  1. […] Khud Pe Kabhi Haalaat Pe Rona Aaya – Hum Dono (1961) Posted March 23, 2008 If Din Dhal Jaye is from S.D. Burman’s masterpiece, then this one is the showpiece from Jaidev. Only Rafi, […]

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